Restoring Hope

Women Empowerment

At Emmanuel Organization, we recognize the incredible potential and strength that lies within women. We are dedicated to empowering women and fostering their growth, ensuring they have the resources and support needed to overcome obstacles and achieve their dreams.

Reaching new heights

Empower, Motivate, Inspire

Our charity addresses the isolation and loneliness of being a single mother struggling to raise a child or children, by creating a safe space for women to be heard and seen, free of the everyday worries. The community gatherings that we organize allow women to get together, support one another gain confidence build friendships and grow. We are here to celebrate every woman, and we know that you are too.

Together we can empower, motivate and inspire more women to become financially self-reliant 

Join us and make a differnece

We Make A Real Change In Someone’s Life

Agriculture & Farming

Growing Crops

We empower women in agriculture to grow better crops, better food and gain sustainable incomes by selling their produce.  

Creative crafts


Teaching women to become financially independent and therefore self-reliant by mastering the valuable trade of sewing – creating textile based clothes and art. 

Innovation is key

Small Businesses

Emmorg wants to support women with great business ideas that can go a long way in empowering all members of the community through providing jobs and opportunities.

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“Women and girls can do whatever they want. There is no limit to what we as women can accomplish.” – Michelle Obama.

Education is a cornerstone of our efforts. We provide educational programs that equip women with knowledge and skills, opening doors to new opportunities and expanding their horizons. By investing in education, we empower women to break through barriers and become leaders in their chosen fields.